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I am Tisha Ritama, dreamy girl from Indonesia. Love reading, writing and drawing so much. For me, sharing is the best way to gather some new ideas – also inspirations.

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Latest stories about me: my mind, favorite things, and some crazy spice of life. Here are more.

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Discover more about how I gather and transfer my ideas through the arts. Know more.

Planning for Merging?!

Hi, there! I am back again! Well, this post gonna be different. Because I want to tell you about my NEWEST idea here. Basically, I started blogging about some serious stuff from 2019. I wrote many stories about my life as an introvert. You can see my old blog posts here (will be deleted soon). […]


Hi all! How are you? I hope this year will be an amazing year for all of us. Last month, I just got some brilliant ideas. I decided to make my arts or sketch come to life. Not just in the digital format, but also in my personal things and my personal life. So, first, […]

Another Drawing Style

Hi, how are you all? Long time no see, lol. I am just so busy lately because of my new internship period. So, let me tell you about my other drawing style. So basically, I learned to draw with this style when I also learned about the coloring techniques. Yes, as I told you before, […]

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Little pieces of sketches and colors that matter to my life. Discover More.


Don’t worry too much about tomorrow. Go slow to grow and glow. Let it flow.

– Tisha Ritama

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